MINISTRY GRANTS are awarded by the Acts 1:8 Team of Ridgecrest to individuals or groups in mission endeavors. Priority is given to members and former members of Ridgecrest whose ministry falls within the scope of the Strategic Plan.

To request a MINISTRY GRANT, please include the following information in a letter, email, or presentation to the ACTS 1:8 Team at their quarterly meeting:

Grant Requestor Name (required)

Your relationship to and history with Ridgecrest

Description of the ministry/event/trip

Dates of the ministry/event/trip

Goals of the ministry/event/trip

Others participating in the event/ministry/trip

Detailed budget for the trip

Anticipated total cost of the ministry/event/trip

Other ways you are working to obtain funds

Deadline for obtaining all your funding

Requestor Mailing Address

Requestor Email

Requestor Numbers: Home/Cell

Requests to Ridgecrest for consideration should be sent prior to one of the dates listed: January 1/April 1/July 1/October 1