AWANA is our Wednesday night children’s program that gives us an opportunity to pour into kids mid-week in a fun and exciting atmosphere. At AWANA the kids memorize scripture, learn bible stories, and have an awesome time while hearing about our Savior! AWANA meets every Wednesday night during the school year at 6:00 pm.

You can register for AWANA ’17 here.

Please show up to the AWANA Splash (9.6 / 5:45p / RBC) to finalize your registration while your child beats the heat with some fun water games.

Be ready to make payment (cash or checks only) for club dues and club supplies at this time. Below is a list of costs** so you can look for the fees that apply to you child(ren).


  • Vest (PK-3, & new Cubbies Pk-4) [$13]
  • Handbook [$12]
  • Yearly Dues [$7.50]
  • Optional Music CDs [$6]
  • Book Bag [$8]


  • Vest (all K, & new Sparks in grades 1 & 2) [$13]
  • Handbook [$12]
  • Extra Credit Flip Books [$11]
  • Yearly Dues [$15]
  • Optional Music CDs [$11]


  • Ultimate Adventure Shirt (3rd-4th grade) [$18]
  • Ultimate Challenge Shirt (5th-6th grade) [$18]
  • Handbook [$12]
  • Extra Credit Books [$8]
  • Yearly Dues [$15]
  • Optional Sling Bags [$9]

**Please do NOT let the cost of Awana materials & dues be a determining factor if your child is allowed to participate. If financial assistance is needed please do not hesitate to contact the church office ( / 903.455.0020) or Mitzi Money directly.
Contact: Mitzi Money